Twilight Feast, Twilight Fun

Kama’s Twilight Feast was planned as a happy, family celebration of all that is fun about scouting at Kama.  Tick!  Job done!  We had a ball.  We estimate about 150 people came along to enjoy games and to help acknowledge the achievements of some impressive people (“Brolga” 30 years service, “Rikki/Akela” 15 years service, “Bunyip” Special Service Award, and Rhys’ Queen’s Scout Award).  We finished with a terrific meal, and the gift of a camp blanket for each youth member and leader present.   I’d like to send a big thank you to Golden Roast who stepped in at the last minute to help us with the catering, and did a fantastic job — as it happens the Golden Roast team leader at our event is also a scout leader, at a neighbouring Belconnen Group!

Thanks go to our dynamic committee chair Louise, and committee treasurer Natasha who were strong drivers of the event, and to the ever-reliable, and always enthusiastic Kama leaders who delivered – once again – a fantastic range of activities with trademark goodwill and humour.

Jackie (Kestrel).


Scouts’ flash hike

The Scouts squeezed in a quick 10km hike from Friday afternoon through to Saturday lunch time.

They explored the northern border section of the Canberra Centenary Trail.  It was an introduction to scout-stye hiking for the newest/youngest Scouts and a pleasant outing for those who’ve got a bit more experience under their belt.  Great weather, amazing views.

Rail Trail Bike Hike

Under the leadership of Steph who ran this adventure as her Expedition for her Queen’s Scout Badge, the Venturers had a ball on bikes, doing the a Victorian High Country Rail Trail from the old Shelley Station, Victoria’s highest railway station to Albury, a total distance of about 80km.

The team made camp at Tallangatta late on Friday night and the downhill adventure began on Saturday.  The scenery was spectacular, the rain was heavy but luckily fell only during the night, and there were almost no mechanical problems.

Leaders Jerry, Hubbo, Ken, Stuart and Russell, from Kama and Crows, had an excellent weekend too.  Thanks fellas, for your enthusiasm, support, and for doing the long drives!

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