New Zealand night at Joeys

The theme at Joeys tonight was “New Zealand”.  Penguin had a box of surprises and everything had strange names. What is a jandal?  a chilly box? a swanndri? a bach? a crib?

We learned that in New Zealand a Joey Scout would be called a Kia.  No kangaroos in NZ!

And then Ethan taught us the haka.  With a bit more practice the Joeys will be formiddable!  Check out a video of the Joey Haka on the Friends of Kama facebook page.


Scout 15km Hike

Scouts completed a 15km overnight hike following Smokers Trail to Orroral Valley in Namadgi National Park.  The hike was planned and led by experienced Scouts, Ellen and Roberta, with Bear, Koala and Yolanthe providing support.