Emergency, Emergency

On Tuesday 22 Nov our Scouts visited the new Belconnen Ambulance and Fire & Rescue Station, and also the Emergency Department of Calvary Hospital, enjoying a short evening hike between-times to get from one to the other.  A very busy and productive evening, made possible by the organising wizardy of Brumby, and parent helper Leeanne.

This year our Cubs and Scouts have had wonderful visits to our community’s emergency services infrastructure.  They have been to the Belconnen Police Station and the Belconnen SES depot too.

We gratefully acknowledge the generous access given to us by the staff and volunteers at each of these essential facilities.

JJ’s Big Day Out

JJ is the mascot of the Kama Joey Section. JJ has been on many adventures with Kama’s Joeys.  JJ has even been to international scouting events. However, there is no place likek home, and last weekend JJ was living life to the full at the Kama Group Camp at Wee Jasper, under the careful eye of Shanlin.

There was so much to do at camp!  JJ was at archery; he went caving; he played hungry hippos; he mucked about in the creek; he had the best roast dinner ever; he made new friends with Cubs, Scouts and Venturers; and he checked in to make sure Penguin was having a nice time too.


Group Camp – Wow!

Over 70 people participated in Kama’s Group Camp at Wee Jasper on the last weekend of October.  It was our first Group Camp in 18 months, and it was well worth the wait.  The weather was great on Saturday, and didn’t do much harm on Sunday, so we are thankful.  We had such fun with abseiling, caving, archery and a morning of activity bases.  We were amply fed, with the highlight being a full roast dinner and apple-rhubarb crumble for dessert, followed by skits around the campfire on Saturday night.  Here are some photos.  I don’t have many photos of Cubs in action, so please feel welcome to email a few to me, and I will add them to this post.

Thank you to everyone – for attending, for being fun company, for helping wherever it was needed, and for making our camp the wonderful weekend that it was.

archery-was-popular-with-everyoneArchery was popular with everyone, from our youngest to our oldest.

scouts-venturers-abseiling-with-bunyip-seal-belayingCubs, Scouts and Venturers tackled a range of abseiling drops, some with confidence, some with trepidation, and everyone made it through.  Well done!

contemplating-the-realityThe captions say it all.

kestrel-tschilWe had not one but two Group Leaders (the straight-shooting Kestrel and Tschil).

the-awesome-aa-teams_-archery-rock-friendsWe can’t acknowledge the members of the Rock and Archery teams enough for their patience, skill, knowledge and good humour.  We had a ball.  Thank you for being at our camp.

three-birthdays-at-campWe celebrated no less than three birthdays at camp.  Happy birthday Declan, Roberta and Ava, and thanks for giving us an excuse to have cake for breakfast!

If you have any photos of Cubs abseiling, or anything from Sunday morning’s round robin of activity bases, please email them to Group Leader, jackie@hubbard.com.au